Born in 1983, I grew up on a farm 16 miles west of Prince Albert, Sk. As a child, I was involved in 4H and showed cattle until the age of 21. I am still very involved in the cattle industry. Growing up next to the Nesbit Forest, and many lakes and rivers, I developed a passion for hunting and fishing. From age 5 until presently, hockey and baseball have also been major past times in my life. I played all of my minor sports in Shellbrook, which I still call my home town. 
In my spare time as a child, I always drew with pencils and charcoal, and it was apparent even at a young age that I had an artistic mind. After high school I stumbled upon photography. My dad had a sony digital camera that took 3 1/2 inch floppy disks. Having never really picked up a camera before, this camera and new digital technology allowed me to see the images I was taking right away. From this point on, I was hooked. Photography was an extension of the art I created as a child, and I liked that I could create it with a camera. 
For the next 6 years, I treated photography as a hobby. Wanting to take my passion for this art to the next level, I enrolled in the Applied Photography Program at SIAST in Regina. My ultimate goal was to make photography my profession. In 2010 I was accepted into the program, which was the only program in the province at the time. During school I became technically sound in all aspects of photography, both film and digital, and in all lighting situations. After two years of school, I now have a diploma in photography.
Over the 14 years I have been interested in photography, I have developed a great interest in fashion photography, and I incorporate into my wedding pictures and portraits. During my shoots I am serious about getting great images for my clients, but at the same time I love to have fun. I want my clients to feel as though they can be themselves and I also want my clients to be as comfortable as possible in order to help capture the images you can’t live without!